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  1. Dungeons & Dragons: TheColorless Edition (Alpha)

    #1111042017-06-13 03:13:09 *Wolfangle said:

    Alright, this is going to be a project for creating a DnD World specifically set in a CL set universe. Everything is from now on will just be ideas and planning. But for now, let's just see how many people are up for the idea.

    To start things off, we'll have groups divided into different roles.

    • A rough copy of what the main planet will look like

    • Whether this will be a 5e or 3.5 version of the game/or even pathfinder

    • Minor quest ideas

    • Monster ideas (If anyone has any DnD books with information, that would be great too)

    • A basic lore unique to our site

    • We will have people working on different towns, maps of each town, ect.

    • A list of people participating for the role of DM (We will take turns or work something out so everyone gets a fair chance of play)

    • Rules needed to keep trolls or people not serious about this out. (Is pointing fingers at a few of you)


    Current Progress:


    Post below if you have anything to say, ideas, or want to participate in something

  2. #1111072017-06-13 03:32:02Wolfangle said:

    @ccc It's been a discussion in chat a couple times. But essentially we'll just have people working on different parts of the lore or maps; ect. Mostly likely in a discord or skype. The art side of things, or ideas of towns, and certain lore would be okay shared & have certain people working on a section of each role. Mainly to keep everyone from being spoiled ahead of time.

    Ever played DnD in general tho? It's quite easy and more fun than it seems.

  3. #1111262017-06-14 17:05:53DarkChaplain said:


    I jest, of course.

    I'm not sure however that this is a great way to go about it. Parody-type content like this is best off mostly improvised and not planned rigorously beforehand. I mean, sure, the DM/GM should think about it, take notes and prepare a bare bones structure but most of the comedy comes from it being ridiculous and random.
    Pre-defining the lore and history of towns and what not is just overkill and the rigidity inherent in that will stifle people's initiative.

    The way I see it, you're thinking too big. Rescale your expectations. Don't plan for a series of things, organize a one-shot session with a few people and do the legwork of doing the world building and basic outline of the adventure on your own. The less you share ahead of time the better.

    If things grow organically, that's cool and all, but forcing it big is the worst way to go about it.

  4. #1111342017-06-15 20:57:51Wolfangle said:

    @DarkChaplain Well it'd be a work in progress. More like a side project. And you're about the lore of towns and what not. If anything & this just turns into a normal DnD/Pathfinder group, so be it. I'm no master mind at these games. But I did expect more people like Bav, Kin, and Grinners to share their thoughts and ideas.

    Hence I'm just making the thread about this like everyone said i should, near a week ago. We'll get something going, If not a origin idea.

  5. #1111652017-06-19 11:22:30Kriegwolf said:

    Monster idea:

    Wolfangles! Those would be wolves crudely bent out of shape to form different angles. Their stats would be a generic dire wolf stats but they'd have such traits as: hooded, needy and fidgetophoric.