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  1. Greenville NC

    #1111462017-06-18 08:24:33 *Ladyinwaiting said:

    Anyone in greenvile north Carolina? I'm just wondering. Because i think it would be a good idea to all be in a chat. Sort of a eyes everywhere thing. a lot happens that we dont know about.

  2. #1111742017-06-19 23:00:02 *Ladyinwaiting said:

    @squareof3 i want to make a group, with enough members and with the city mapped out to show problem areas, i thing we could lower the amount of crime. Like a large neighborhood watch. But crime isnt the only issues i want us to address. We could help with the homeless and other things.

  3. #1111962017-06-20 19:23:42Wolfangle said:

    @Ladyinwaiting You're on a site consisting of around 35 active members. Probably less, looking to stop crime & help the needy. Around 10 of us are in America, let alone probably 3 or 4 in your area who have to deal with their own work and their own lives. We can't have a view on the entire state or town; only based on what we see everyday. We're not super heroes with powers who watch over the city for the face of danger. Leave that work to your local police/firefighters.

  4. #1111992017-06-20 20:47:05 *DarkChaplain said:

    I'm sorry, @Ladyinwaiting. I really am. It sounds very much like you'd have enjoyed being here 5 years ago. That's when people were still up for ideas like these.

    To cheer you up a little, have a Long Chicken:

  5. #1112012017-06-20 22:19:27Coldu said:

    Giiiiiiirlllllll don't let anyone stop you from following your dreams ♥

    unfortunately I live pretty far from america, but if I lived there I would so join.

    One thing you should always remember though, if things go bad and it seems hopeless, sometimes it's best to just let it go and pursue something else in life. There are so many possibilities and opportunities, stay open-minded. That's it from me. ♥

  6. #1112062017-06-21 02:59:35Kirn said:

    This thread is sad on so many levels. Also,

    It sounds very much like you'd have enjoyed being here 5 years ago.

    Even this is incorrect. Talk about doing anything useful died the fuck out 6 years ago already. And in the end no motherfucker even cleaned off any fucking graffiti.

    Oh, and I find idea of looking for neighborhood watch members on anime forum really stupid, as you would find either weak and absolutely useless fucks or those the watch should actually protect the neighborhood from.

  7. #1112122017-06-21 09:24:45 *Coldu said:

    At least some people are trying to do something good about their community, @Kirn, you don't have to take a dump on everything and everyone.

    Although, in my opinion, fighting crime is something that should be left to government officials and not to teenagers. But on the other hand, if someone's dog or cat or pet hamster gets lost, their squad can look for it and stuff like that, sounds like a sweet initiative, just a bunch of good kids doing good things for their community.

  8. #1112572017-06-26 16:47:07Ladyinwaiting said:

    I can proudly say we have members. and we now have a city map of crime of the last three years, not that we are super heros but simply keeping our eyes open. but for the most part we are documenting some spots that need cleaning up and playground repair. things are going well!

  9. #1112582017-06-26 17:11:08Inia said:

    I don't believe it's entirely wise or safe for people to be sharing their home city online, as it is. The idea is always nice, but for over a decade I've seen how depraved people can be. I knew a girl who had a guy show up at her family's place unannounced. All someone really needs is your full name & city/state/hometown, then manage to find your Facebook and possibly find more details if your privacy settings aren't strong.

  10. #1112662017-06-27 04:51:34 *Kap said:

    I actually live in the area but I want nothing to do with this. also, if you want to know about problem areas just find your local ghetto.

  11. #1113112017-06-29 15:50:59Kirn said:

    Whoever the fuck deleting my constructive criticism - stop, and instead turn your attention to tags of this disaster, for example.

    Also, this is a very sad make-believe game, and I propose this to be locked so noone would confuse it for anything real.

  12. #1113602017-07-04 06:20:36Inia said:

    Need anything? A box of tampons? Some Midol? Though I'm not sure that stops a 31-year-old throwing a temper tantrum like a toddler, and over a thread created by an internet stranger. I would suggest putting that rage into, I dunno, bringing awareness to modern day slavery, innovative help for the homeless who want to change their lives, or becoming a freedom fighter and help the chaos in Syria or North Korea. But then I'd be confusing you for someone who would rather do something real with her life.