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  1. VidCon Drama: "Garbage Humans"

    #1112702017-06-27 15:37:32DarkChaplain said:

    I'm not sure anybody paid attention to the events at VidCon, or was even aware that this convention even existed let alone ran this past weekend.

    There were a few interesting developments at the various panels. Most notably, Anita Sarkeesian of Tropes vs Women was at a panel with an audience mostly consisting of the Youtube "shitlords", skeptics, anti-feminists and just Gamers who didn't buy into the sexism-in-video-games bullshit.

    So what happened at this panel? Well, a lot of nonsense, really. Crying on a high level, until Anita spotted Sargon of Akkad, aka Carl Benjamin, in the audience and called him a "shithead", "garbage human" and "serial harrasser". Unprovoked, the man didn't say a thing.

    However, for the first time in a long time, the public shaming backfired on her, as the audience wouldn't have any of it. Carl ended up asking for conversation with Anita, debate, but she wouldn't reply to that, obviously.

    Then she rejected reasonable questions that she felt ill equipped to deal with, one after another, and after sending a text via her mobile to the management, more security arrived at the panel and heavily moderated the rest of the Q&A section.

    After a talk with the management people it came to light that Anita "felt threatened" by having to see those people in the audience. Yup. Didn't sound like the management was happy with her either.

    I haven't found a good, well-edited video of the whole debacle yet, but this one features a bunch of clips from the panel and the aftermath as well as general info and context:

    The next day, I believe, there was another panel with Anita, but this time it also featured Youtuber Boogie2988.
    Boogie, you see, is one of the nicest people imaginable. Offending anyone or taking harsh stances is the last thing he wants to do. He's gentle, considerate and not at all self-centered. He was having anxiety attacks and second thoughts about going on this panel with Anita for weeks, because he feared the backlash, or the possibility of offending the hive queen. He did everything by the book, introduced himself nicely, tiptoe'd, even expressed favor for her videos and what not.

    So what went wrong?

    Anita was hoping to get "people angry and ready to fight" with her statements. She said as much. So Boogie said in the closing section of the panel that he hopes nobody has to go home angry because he'd rather enjoy life and games and all together than fighting. Oh dear...

    So Anita called him out after the panel. Claiming it was "fucking uncool" that he "said those things" in the end when nobody could respond anymore, hounding him over his audacity to reiterate his general philosophy of keeping the peace and enjoying games. How dare he speak out of line!

    As you can imagine if you know Boogie, he's pretty much done with things. He's struggled with depression and everything for a long time, and this predictable outcome really took its toll.

  2. #1112732017-06-27 23:32:25 *DarkChaplain said:

    This guy has more footage from the Boogie panel itself. Relevant part starts around 8-9 minutes in, Boogie's message specifically around 9:10.

  3. #1114292017-07-11 23:23:51effect said:

    Hunter1 week ago conspiracy theory: everyone involved in this drama circle are actualy good friends and know eqch other very well, they just figured out a way to make alot of money by fooling an audience for several years, changing a few things here and there, and now like any good tv show, the vilan(in this anita) is devolving and being more and more recless until everything unfolds to be a big scamm worth billions of dollars´╗┐