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  1. TheColorless Tribute Gameboy Game! [Project]

    #1112832017-06-28 09:51:52 *EvoRulz said:


    I can now program Gameboy games!

    I can give you the program required to run them on your system>

    All I need now is ideas for a game

    Starring you guys!

    Post your game ideas

    anything from character themes

    to what the gameplay could be like~

    I'm happy to to do most of it myself

    but i wanted to give you guys a say

    this will be a long term project

    with releases as soon as there is an alpha

    The main idea:

    Inspire me with your game concepts and ideas so I can mash them together, and make it as fun as I can!

    Download Links Here

    Gameboy Emulator

    The Colorless Rom: Under Development

  2. #1112842017-06-28 09:52:50 *EvoRulz said:

    Due: In good time


    • GBDK (C Programming): @EvoRulz In Progress


    • Sprites: THE COLORLESS! <3 Pending

    • Scripts: THE COLORLESS! <3 Pending

    • Character Concepts: THE COLORLESS! <3 Pending

    • Gameplay Concepts: THE COLORLESS! <3 Pending

    • Music: THE COLORLESS! <3 Pending

  3. #1112852017-06-28 09:52:57 *EvoRulz said:

    Thread Resources


    ⬛ - 00047d

    ⬛ - b60030

    ⬛ - 412b90

    ⬛ - 6da619

    ⬛ - d9ae00

    ⬛ - 007c6a

    ⬛ - 5f5f5d

    ⬛ - 1c1c1a

    ⬛ - 642ea6

    ⬛ - 88c53c

    ⬛ - feb340

    ⬛ - ed1e59

    ⬛ - 19819a

  4. #1112902017-06-28 11:17:48shafnat said:

    i don't know what kind of game it would be if it's just "thecolorless" in general, but it probably would be cool if it's about the short story project. i don't know if i could help tho, i'll be probably very busy with college.

  5. #1112962017-06-28 21:53:59EvoRulz said:

    since who wouldnt want to be the protagonist, i think it would be cool to get to choose from a list of as many users as we can think of of that we know, or get in touch with, unless they'd rather be some kind of boss or common enemy like the replacement for one of those little mushroom things in mario (someone pleaae refresh my memory on the name of that ahaha goomba or something right?

    if not that, then it would be in my opinion to have either server tan/kun or @Kirn as the protagonist because that's very CL, i really think the first option would be better though and to instead includ @Kirn as some final boss who is legitimately difficult to beat (heck if he allowed this we could potentially even ask him to say some lines for his character or ask if we can grab some from previous choruses)

  6. #1112972017-06-28 21:58:50EvoRulz said:

    you want to be an NPC @Sheep? XD any more ideas for what the NPC would do or where they'd appear or what they'd say so on? xD

    If your character was a boss or had a giant variation of itsself as a boss maybe its noise upon summoning could be the scream from the pokemon chorus xD

    or maybe that noise could be lowed heaps and played whenever you kill a sheep xD

    also there could be somekind of @Sheep x @Enami running gag somehow maybe, also @Enami could have some dolphin/oreo related abilities if not actually be a dolphin? xD lemme know what you guys think

  7. #1112982017-06-28 22:07:02EvoRulz said:

    @Everyone, if you would want your character to have a few items that represent you as a CL user/yourself irl what would you have? sub post below~~

    Also feel free to suggest what other users could have :D

    I would have a guitar item or something :3 i cant think of what else id want rn xD but i can think of some suggestions for other users:

    @Kirn would have a bloody shovel @Kinnear would have his gun @Enami would have some kind of oreo item @BakaHime would have a lightstick maybe xD @Kittycat might have a slice of pizza? @Warlock would have a banhammer @Yugure would have a carboard box @Loki would have chains

    oop my train just arrived gtg for now guys enjoy

  8. #1112992017-06-28 22:19:58EvoRulz said:

    Anyone have any ideas about soundtrack-wise what we could do? im thinking 8 bit tracks, but its not closed off to just that~

  9. #1113102017-06-29 15:49:27Kirn said:

    I was going to ignore it. But you pinged me. You just had to go and do it...

    Fast of life - anything made on CL that crucially depends on work of more than 2 people and requires more than a month to do will utterly fucking fail. Are you familiar with CL manga concept? The idea was to get artists and writers of CL (like, hell, we have those, right?) and bounce around ideas in creative space, which would result in making of some manga-like content about the wonderful world of CL.
    Now, can you see CL manga anywhere? You cannot, because fucking retards could not even START. And that shit was revived 3 times and died more gloriously each and every time.

    Now, what you have here? Game. Riiight... lemme see there....

    This project would have room for artists, writers, musicians, programmers, and so on.

    Oh lol, fuck no. The biggest and most successful project of CL was and will be Myogi's racing anime. For a simple reason of him being motivated individual who DID EVERYTHING HIMSELF. From story to art to creation of videos. You want A LOT of CL people do A LOT of works? Fuck, this is dead already. It dies before the start of ideas bouncing and nothing will ever be done. Ever. Fucking ever.

    Fun fact - you can do all this yourself, using the fucking RPG maker or some such shite. What lacking is the dedication, conviction and skill. Instead you go 'hey, let's do something that everyone could participate in', meaning NOONE will participate with any success. That is a fact and I have experience from fuckload of olde CL projects - when we actually had a community - to prove it.

    So, sure, go ahead. If you would ever get to the stage of the 'production' where you need voice acting - I would even provide you some. I, however, know that it really will never happen. That's how it is around here.

  10. #1113122017-06-29 20:16:13Taro_Tanako said:

    @Kirn for villain material..crushing your dreams, eviscerating your hopes, stealing your girl/boy, eating your ice cream, telling your mom your dirty secrets, wiping your toothbrush on the toilet bowl, putting a red sock in with your whites..


    ..telling the truth

  11. #1113132017-06-29 23:39:02 *--Jack-- said:

    CL can barely be asked to log into the damn chat, let alone a project that requires both reading AND input. Also... http://i.imgur.com/eNdMNiG.png

  12. #1113192017-06-30 14:55:30 *EvoRulz said:

    @Kirn @--Jack-- this is just a brainstorm of a potential project so if I get around to it or someone else does, maybe they can handle most of the project by themselves (though its always good to get as many people who will actually do something on board) I intend on making this happen one way or another even if i have to do it all by myself in the end, I just want to hear everyones ideas so the game is rich with CL imagination If i do have to do it all by myself it will be dead for a while but i'll revive it when i have the skills required to make it happen

    If nothing else this thread is a fun concept, that is for dreamers like myself anyways

    Also thanks for some direction with the rpg maker stuff, i shall invest

  13. #1113222017-06-30 17:17:32 *DarkChaplain said:

    @EmoRulz You're missing the point. You're brainstorming for a supposed project that you don't bring anything to the table for yourself.

    maybe they can handle most of the project by themselves

    That's exactly why this is a shit idea. You're not interested in organizing a project. If anybody should handle most of it by themselves, it should be you who proposed it. What, do you want credit solely for suggesting something that's been talked about over and over since the site came to be and has been discarded one way or another again and again even while the site still thrived with activity and motivated participants? I don't even see motivation on your end!

    Funnily enough, Saekano, which I've been watching lately, had a similar problem: The protagonist wanted to make a game and recruit the actually talented people for his Doujin Circle, but didn't even know what he wanted to make. He had no actual vision, just a desire to be involved in it somehow and, in a way, take credit. That's pretty much what you're doing. You want people's creative input? Then give them an actual project proposal to consider. You're not giving anybody anything to be excited about, you're just throwing stupid ideas on the wall and asking for others to do the same.

    You talk about "making it happen" and having to "revive it" but I have yet to see what IT actually is, or is supposed to be. Because right now, it is less than dirt, and worth less than Spooky's empty bragging.

  14. #1113242017-07-01 03:41:02 *EvoRulz said:

    @DickChaptard A'ight so I'll wait until I know how to make a game before i ask people for ideas then, also by 'make it happen' i meant do it myself and minimise avaiable rolls for people to fill if they want. i just thought it would be good to have places open for people to participate if they want to but i dont intend for this project to be relying on that. Like i said this is not a project yet it's just for the purpose of me geting an idea of what sort of game i should learn how to make/program/do art for/make music for

    Also when i said this project has room for people i did not mean it depends on those people

  15. #1113272017-07-01 06:23:35 *Mairu said:

    Hello, as someone who was part of the CL dating sim team & Myogi's voice acting crew, I would like to throw some input in. If you @EvoRulz are serious about this, then invest in learning RPG maker is step one. After that, I would suggest creating a google doc about the basic idea and concept. You can always go into detail AFTER you have a real plan. To me, it seems you do not have direction whatsoever for this game. I see that you intended for this thread to help with that and I respect that. The CL dating sim died, not because we did not have an idea, but rather our team just left. So, you will need users who are committed to this. You will need to push them like Myogi did with everyone. He messaged people constantly and bugged them non-stop until they sent in something he enjoyed. If they did not, he had backup's and was on it.


    As an actual idea, I would suggest taking the winning short story project and creating that. I think it would give incentive to people to join both of these projects and it would be a nice way for the winner to remember their story. A CL themed RPG will only work if we heavily exaggerated our history, and it is not that glamorous. If you are dedicated and show proficient knowledge on how to make a game, then I would only then suggest getting with @DarkChaplain for the winning short story project idea. Characters obviously would depend on the game, so ignore that. Do not focus on that just yet. Establish a good base.


    tl;dr: I thank you for trying to revive CL this way, but it lacks a lot of structure. Once you have that, try again!

  16. #1123952017-11-19 03:48:08 *EvoRulz said:

    Okay ladies and gentleman I have taught myself C programming and Gameboy Color Development Kit

    so if you post any ideas you like then they can be sorted later into an actual game. This game was not ment to have direction, but will be given some later on, once we know all the things we want to include.

    Also feel free to upload sprites!

    now inspire me with content you want to see!

  17. #1124002017-11-20 05:33:22 *EvoRulz said:

    @Kirn doesn't even want to be the final boss or something?

    i'm planning on doing this on my own over time, so the projects success only really depends on me, i just thought some user input would be cool :p

    I really don't think you people up there get it