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Parent: Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #1112892017-06-28 10:56:03Kirn said:

    FInished another game while CL was down

    Recently I see more and more popularity for visual narrative genre. You know, stuff like Journey, maybe. Or Last Guardian. Travel through some mysterious place, grow up as a person, this kind of stuff. Often those don't have a lot (or any) fighting, but present some jumping and logical puzzles. And this is one of those games.

    You are a young boy with a tattered red cape. You wake up on a shore of a strange island full of ruins, with huge tower seen in the distance. You don't know how you got here, and you don't know what you must do, but you are led further and further away by a dark figure in red cloak, and by a fox you find and befriend along the way. Eventually you get to the Tower, and get inside of it, but at that point your travels are just starting.

    I honestly didn't think much about this game when I started playing it. But it grows on you quickly. The landscapes are pretty damn good, the journey gets progressively more interesting and intense, and the game, while remaining voiceless (which is not true, you can actually yell, but that's about it), makes you feel for the characters.
    Gameplay is easy. You run around, jump around, push things around - all kind of stuff you would expect from the puzzle like that. The difference is, what exactly is your goal. You may be trying to chase off a giant bird, change time of day or even create a perfect acoustic system. Your ultimate goal is to climb the tower.... which is actually not true... and the tower is actually not a tower at all, so you will experience a lot of world changes along the way. It's complicated.

    Graphic and music are actually pretty good. Graphic is shown well in details - on rainy level it actually feels like the surface of the rocks is flooded. And when you approach some polished doors, you will see pretty believable reflection. Music is nice throughout the game, and at the credits it also shines pretty well.
    Of course, the main thing is the story, and it is very well there, trust me. I actually can't tell much, because spoilers, but the twist at the end... Well, I will say I did not expect it, and it immediately changes the whole game perspective.

    All in all - really good game performing perfectly within the genre.
    And, as always, my playlist of it.