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Parent: TheColorless Tribute Gameboy Game! [Project]

  1. #1113272017-07-01 06:23:35 *Mairu said:

    Hello, as someone who was part of the CL dating sim team & Myogi's voice acting crew, I would like to throw some input in. If you @EvoRulz are serious about this, then invest in learning RPG maker is step one. After that, I would suggest creating a google doc about the basic idea and concept. You can always go into detail AFTER you have a real plan. To me, it seems you do not have direction whatsoever for this game. I see that you intended for this thread to help with that and I respect that. The CL dating sim died, not because we did not have an idea, but rather our team just left. So, you will need users who are committed to this. You will need to push them like Myogi did with everyone. He messaged people constantly and bugged them non-stop until they sent in something he enjoyed. If they did not, he had backup's and was on it.


    As an actual idea, I would suggest taking the winning short story project and creating that. I think it would give incentive to people to join both of these projects and it would be a nice way for the winner to remember their story. A CL themed RPG will only work if we heavily exaggerated our history, and it is not that glamorous. If you are dedicated and show proficient knowledge on how to make a game, then I would only then suggest getting with @DarkChaplain for the winning short story project idea. Characters obviously would depend on the game, so ignore that. Do not focus on that just yet. Establish a good base.


    tl;dr: I thank you for trying to revive CL this way, but it lacks a lot of structure. Once you have that, try again!