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  1. Can We Take a Joke? (documentary)

    #1113292017-07-01 06:50:28Kirn said:

    Haven't posted any documentaries in a while, but this one I have been waiting for, so here we go again, folks.

    Now, you can immediately see why I wanted to see this. because I feel really strongly about the fact that you cocksuckers are being offended by most things I try to present to you. Fuckers.
    Okay, seriously now. I have great respect for US comedy for its social importance. The ability to criticize, the desire to tell stuff people don't want to hear on any day. And to tell it in a way that would make people laugh. That is great talent. Unfortunately, there is not a very distinct increase of politically-correct speech, the liberals, who present their right to choke out every other opinion that they don't like as some sort of protection for all that's good and clean. Dirty bunch of cunts they are. So, who suffers from that? Actually, everyone, because even your random tweets aren't safe from scrutiny, but comedians are on the front of this battle, as it is their actual job to say things that will be scrutinized by those who want to get offended by everything.
    So, how is the movie? I obviously enjoyed it, it gives perspective from people who work by talking, so hey, they represent their points well. It gives some very strong examples, which can be seen as social case studies, really. And yes, the importance of Lenny Bruce's story is one of those. And, of course, it's funny, because it's comedians' way - if someone is offended by your social commentary over issues, then you make that into the issue you make commentary about.

    I recommend this movie to all, especially to all who might get offended by it. You idiots need that the most.