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Parent: Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #1114002017-07-08 18:38:20Kirn said:

    Your crew is in luck - you landed a really huge job. Alien Fleet, dormant and drifting in space, became the point of interest of some reptiloid businessmen. They want the Cryptark - the flagship of the fleet. But before they can sink their teeth in it, they want you - a band of expendable outlaws on a crappy ship - to deal with 2 problems:
    1. Alien Fleet is huge, so you will need to scan the data from several smaller crafts in it to pinpoint the Cryptark location and...
    2. While crew is all dead, and fleet is adrift, internal automated cyber-defense systems are still very much online, so you will have to disable all the ship you would try to board.
    But then again, that's why you are given the money. Oh, and ammo. A fuckton of ammo.

    The idea of a game is easy as fuck. You are a guy in a heavily-armed exo-suit. Crew parks the ship next to some huge alien vessel, and you go to work, flying around in zero gravity, shooting everything that tries to shoot you. Your goal on each ship? Destroy the core system - that will shut down everything and allow your crew to loot the vessel for money and info. However, here's where it gets complicated.
    While it's just a 2D twin-stick shooter in its core, the game is rogue-like, with enemy ships generating randomly. And it involves a great deal of planning, because you simply cannot fly up to core and kill it.

    First of all, core is likely to be protected by shield system, so you gotta kill that first. Oh, and there's likely to be an alarm. Kill that or attacking the core will trigger rush from all enemies. Oh, btw, there's repair system, which probably repaired the shield while you killed the alarm. Did you kill it? Tough luck, fucker, cause there's a fail-safe system, that now became repair system. Oh, and do you know why you got swarmed while trying to kill that? Because you didn't destroy drone, sentry and leviathan-making systems, so you had to deal with a lot of enemies.

    And that's just scratching the surface. Every ship-mission has a set of bonus requirements, and by doing those you make more money, also they have tech cashes, which you can and should loot to get access to random gear in hopes for something better.
    Ideally, you destroy all ship systems one by one, grab all the tech and kill the core in time. Usually? Usually you will scramble for the core with almost no health left and most enemy systems still intact, hoping to toughen it up and finish it off before the enemy resistance finishes you. It really is a lot of fun.

    Btw, game does have nice graphic and music. And, incredibly, while there's not a lot of exposition, you really get to feel that outlaw space life. Your crew members make commentaries about something or other, and you do get to know them more. Plus, performing specific artifact bonuses allows you to research the history of the alien fleet itself. So, you get to see very small portion of this galaxy, but you get the feeling, that this galaxy is really interesting.

    Personally, I greatly enjoyed the game. It is fast, action-packed, and when you are done with the campaign, there's still a rogue mode and hunt for more artifacts, so the game does have replayability and a reason to be replayed.

    I did make a playlist of my attempt at the campaign, so you can check it out.