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Parent: Daily Happiness Thread

  1. #1114032017-07-09 04:02:59 *Yugure said:

    It's very shallow of me to post this, but since I rarely ride an airplane, I have to appreciate every single time I'm on air.

    The view from an airplane 37km above Earth is simply spectacular. When I look over the horizon, I see the vast beauty and largeness of the world. When I look below, I see archipelagos, all sorts of clouds, and such.

    For me, I saw the clouds as "lands on air" to compare for the actual land, and the invisible patches of air as "waters on air" to compare for the actual bodies of water. And that thought just kinda mesmerized me to the point that, what if I could walk the invisible air, and avoid the clouds, making it somewhat, "another world of the actual world", but I only thought of that to daydream and pass time. I swear, flights are boring without WiFi.

    Anyways, it's the little things like this that counts for me. I've been haunted by depression, worry and exhaustion for the last weeks, but the fact that I can still make an interesting point of view and just casually be calm amidst the chaos, makes me happy in a way.

    I'm just chilling at a hotel right now. I've made this far, and hopefully, I can see the world above once more, later