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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1114262017-07-11 16:45:02Kirn said:

    The Lost City of Z (2016)

    To be honest, at first I thought this is just a pseudo-historical adventure movie. But holy fuck, apparently, it's not just that. So, this is about British member of Royal Geographic Society, who mapped Amazon Jungle and got a notion of ancient civilization being hidden in that jungle. That became his obsession and, eventually, the cause for him never seen again.
    So, this is pretty big movie, so the usual place has an article on it. And, looking at this, I can see that... this is really hard to judge. Movie tells you the notion of the story, which is mostly true. Some things we, obviously, cannot know, like how true the characters represent the real people. And the semi-hopeful ending is just a conjecture. And a lot of stuff isn't really explored, like the true number of expeditions, and the guy being in secret service and even friends for famous write and inspiration for Indiana Jones...
    Now at the same time, truth is there. The guy's father fucked away the family name and fortune, the guy himself became obsessed, eventually, with something that was at a time ridiculed by almost everyone else. And he went there again and again. eventually taking his son with him, to never be seen again. His last letter was dated may 29, which is my birthday btw, so hey, that's fun.
    And after all that - his claims got proven many years later. So this is a good story about a man ahead of time. Not perfectly to the truth of the events, but close enough.