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  1. Collaborative writing

    #1116782017-08-07 09:30:39 *Bayne said:

    It's simple, I'll write an opening sentence, someone else writes the next and so on until we have a dumpster-fire of a story we can all admire and regret.


    1. Safe for work (cursing is allowed but only if it's creative)

    2. One sentence per post

    3. You cannot write another sentence immediately after your last

    4. There's no limit to the number of sentences you can write overall

    Starting sentence: "This..." began Helen, gesturing towards the magnificent machine with big animated movements and a maniacal grin, "will solve all of our problems, forever!"

  2. #1116802017-08-07 09:37:29Kriegwolf said:

    "But Hel", Stan replied, straightening his coat and taking a puff from his pipe, "How can we be sure it doesn't create an immense resonance of chronons which would completely rip the spacetime?".