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Parent: The Undateables

  1. #1117582017-08-21 01:06:46 *Farris said:

    I deleted my earlier post because I thought it wasn't a good enough representation of my thoughts. I created this new list over traits I do not appreciate, and would rather avoid. Other things may enter the list at later dates, and some points may be taken away because they don't seem as important anymore. Here is a list of traits that would make a person undateable to me:

    • Bimbo - If you're a bimbo I will find it incredibly difficult to get along with you, and you will find it difficult to get along with me.

    • Depressive - Long-term depression is a no-go for me, I want my partner to be happy, and if you are unable to become happy/content then I don't think we'll fit together.

    • Destructive - If you're a person who is filled with or easily gets filled with "Hate" and/or "Jealousy", and you're unable to handle it in an okay way then we won't fit together.

    • Druggie - If you're misusing, or at the risk of misusing narcotics again I won't date you.

    • Drunk - If you're going to waste your life getting drunk constantly I'm not going to waste mine with you. Neither do I feel comfortable around drunk people, doesn't matter how well I know them. I do not mind enjoying small amounts of alcohol at some occasions.

    • Humorless - I value humor, having humor in your life is important, and I believe sharing humor is essential to a healthy relationship.

    • Hypersensitive - I don't think we'll fit together if you get easily offended and hurt. I find it annoying to be on guard all the time.

    • Impatient - Being impatient on some areas is only natural, but being an all-around impatient person makes me uneasy, and worst case scenario angry.

    • Jewelry freak - If you like wearing necklaces, rings or other dingly-danglies I will probably feel queezy depending on what they look like. I'm okay with a very select few items of jewelry. I have a mild case of "Kosmemophobia".

    • Obsessive - I would like to be able to spend time with friends and family without it being a problem, and I would like you to do the same.

    • Tobacco - If you use tabacco, doesn't matter if you smoke it, chew it or put it under your lip, I will not want to go into a relationship with you before you stop using it. Even though I can tolerate the smell, I wouldn't want to kiss someone who's using it. Additional note: I think it's a complete waste of money.

    • Unhygienic - If you continuously put glasses back into the kitchen shelf, or kitchen utensils back in the kitchen drawer without them being clean, I will be annoyed. Example putting a measuring cup with milk stains on it back into the shelf. Licking food topping off your knife and then putting it back into the food topping is a definite no-no for me, at least if the topping is going to be used by other people after. Additonal note: I do not mind a mess, but the mess better not be unhygienic.