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Parent: Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #1118012017-08-25 11:07:55Kirn said:


    Finally got around to playing this one. Now, let's be perfectly clear here - this is the simple story about a boy and his robot. We have seen this hundreds of times. However, that story is triple-A packaged, and there's a fuckton of absolutely beautiful explosions. Which makes all the difference.


    Story is simple. Humanity went to space and, having no enemies to fight, decided to fight each other. Core planets demand stuff from Frontier planets, Frontier planets rebel and organize militia, and Core planets are represented in this war by brutal military corporation. The center role on the battlefield is taken by Pilots - soldiers neurally connected to giant AI-operated robots called Titans. Neural connection to the machine providing the Pilot with enhanced combat vision and tactical capabilities, making him deadly enemy on its own and especially when piloting the Titan itself.
    Game starts with our hero being just a simple riflemen, however, you are groomed by one of the Pilots to eventually get the giant robot of your own. That times comes too quickly, though, as your mentor is killed. However, before his death he transfers the Titan link to you, so now it's up to you to continue the mission and, obviously, save the world.


    Now the story is pretty standard, but it is filled with memorable characters. There are a lot of cliches there, mine female rebellion leader and bunch of enemy mercenaries, but the center piece of the game is your robot - BT-7274 - and he will be your best friend for the next several hours, providing help, fire support and conversation.
    Eventually the story will expand, and you will predictably end it all by stopping a doomsday-type weapon, which is not really even a spoiler. Game feels like an action movie, and that's what always happens in action movies with giant robots anyways. It's not a bad thing, though. I mean, you do not watch action movies for deep story, do you? You watch it for kick-ass characters, great action and memorable scenes. And there is that here.


    Okay, gameplay. Gameplay is actually pure love for the FPS game. A lot of time you act on your own as a soldier, and the game provides you with a jump-pack, allowing for double-jumps and wall-runs, and as you grow more accustomed to it, you perform more and more difficult jumping tricks by the end of the game.
    But movement is one thing. You are also given guns. Big variety of guns. You can carry only 2 guns at a time, and at time you get additional story-line gadgets, so you always must decide if what you have now is good for current tactical situation, or is it time to switch. There are handguns, SMGs, assault rifles, energy-based machine-guns, rocket-launchers, grenades (oh, yeah, you can carry 1 grenade type at a time), or you can just run up to people and punch the shit out of them.
    And of course, you have your trusty robot. Story makes you travel by yourself a lot, but it rewards you with sequences where you fights from the cabin of your Titan. And as the game progresses, you find more weapon loadouts for BT, that you can switch out at will, each with its own main weapon and skills.
    All in all, game provides you with huge amount of instruments to kill stuff, and the combat is fast-paced and challenging. I did this game on regular difficulty, and even on that one you really can die at any time if you not careful.


    Really, as I wrote at the start - this is simple game at its core, about a guy and his robot, with simple story, simple characters and simple gameplay. But all those parts are done really really well, providing maximum entertainment and adrenaline. So if you enjoy FPS games, giant robots and epic battles - do try this out.