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Parent: Destiny 2 - Sept 6th (24th Oct PC)

  1. #1118182017-08-27 10:46:13Kirn said:

    Well, quite honestly, yes, I don't really see good options to search for a clan. Especially for PC for now. I blame filthy console peasants mentality, as they readily use PC infrastructure, and right now the official development is going to some Destiny 2 smartphone app bullshit to keep track of your progress and clan.
    But they do make clans into a pretty big deal, and recently we got revealed some clan bonuses. And it's on Battle.net. Now it's not Blizzard game, so I am not sure if they will have Desriny 2 forums on Battle.net site. Would be pretty cool if they do, cause there would be community forums for sure, and in that case that would be like the best place to look for clans. If not... I am sure PC clans will organize some shit, and there will be dedicated teamspeak servers. Problem is, PC release is coming late compared to filthy console release, but of well. I expect, before the end of a year we will have some place to see PC clans properly.