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Parent: Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #1119072017-09-08 22:06:18Inia said:

    The game I've been playing more and more of recently is one that needs no introduction. I'm not going to try since there are a dozen of online reviews, videos, and so on. Go to the Googles, read the things.

    The Game: World of Warcraft.

    I never thought I'd ever poke this game with a stick. However, I mentioned wanting to try it out for a bit, my boyfriend used the referral program and bought me the basic game. Four months later, I finally have the Legion expansion, and I'm having fun playing around as a Death Knight.

    I'd been skeptical about trying out WoW for over a decade, mostly because I had friends talk about how elitist people were toward them about what color/tier their gear was. I always heard nothing but bad things about the community. But so far the few times I did run into people, I actually had some good interactions. My only complaint has been with people in raids, and those playing the Hunter class who sadly live up to their stereotypes, usually trying to be a hero instead of let the Tank to their thing.