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Parent: Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #1120122017-09-18 18:22:41Kirn said:


    So, this is an indie game. This is kinda pixel-style graphics game. This is kind of a strategy game. And people who made it were probably using very serious drugs.
    Basically, here's the deal. The game is real time strategy, which feels a bit like action type game at times. Your goal is to overpower enemy or, if that is not possible, to wait him out and see him exhaust his resources. But all this is wrapped in absolutely crazy setting. Do you know the premise of Animal Farm? Basically, this is it, but on grander scale. And with cannibalism.


    So, at the time of the game, things are already as fucked up as they can be. Animal state is having food problems, as crops are all-time low, for many years now. So as act of desperate survival, all animals turn to eating meat. Yes, fucking all of them. And what meat? Well, animal meat - all animals are eating each other. Oh, and the pigs - everyone eats pigs, can everyone knows pigs are fucking dumb.
    System called 'harvest' is in place, run by faction called 'Civilized', who somehow decide who gets eaten. But when they cull a son of a wealthy and influential land-owner, he gathers discontent animals and starts a rebellion against the current system, which quickly grows into 4-sided war.


    The gameplay is actually simple. You got the gristmills - places around which you can build farms. You can capture more with food you produce, and you can buy animal burrows, which spawn your units. The trick is that you only control your leader unit - you can rally the troops to your position, you can rally specific type of troops, you can build, you can explore territory... and that's about it.
    The idea is simple, but it actually makes for very fast-paced games with split-on-the-moment decisions. Do you build farms first or try to get at least one animal burrow going? Will your enemy find you before you finish fortifications? Can you afford to try and explore? Maps are randomized - with storyline maps retaining some specific story elements - so you can never be sure how exactly things are positioned. Plus, maps may have special rules, which change the game balance completely. Throw 4 enemies into that, and you will have a bloody battle. And the winner will feast.


    I guess, I think, big fun part of the game are units. Your farms are tended by the pigs. Yes, upright-walking pigs. They farm. And when enemy approaches, pig will take out a gun and will shoot. It's a sight to see. And that's just a start. Drunken squirrels, tribal lizards, owl, puking zombie-looking mice, machine-gun pigeons, crazed inmate badgers, fox sniper, chameleon thugs and, of course, skunks as masters of chemical warfare. In storyline mode you will first associate some units with specific faction, but that's a mistake - in this world of treachery, even little cute drunk squirrels change sides, so you might see what you considered faction's unique unit switching sides and joining the enemy.


    But in the end, what gets you is the story. Between missions you get to explore your faction 'rest area', where you can talk to other animals and check out some items, and honestly... Conversations are actually funny. There's a lot of humor there, in this game. But the whole premise, the whole story of animals eating each other so casually and desperately that they hope their own leaders to die to eat them, the whole spiral of darkness just taking you deeper and deeper into this bone-pit... Honestly, by the end it's get incredibly dark and depressing.


    All in all? Extremely atmospheric game, with unique style, which also has some nice gameplay to show for it all. This game is not easy - both in moral terms and in terms of pure gaming difficulty. It does its own twist on real-time strategy genre, and it's being pretty well balanced.

    Recommended for all hardcore strategies fans and those who like cute animals committing war crimes.