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  1. Pinging the Dead Thread

    #1120722017-09-23 11:53:51 *EvoRulz said:

    I find stuff all the time that reminds me of all you colorful peoples

    Reanimation Jutsu!

    Tag users you miss with a message or attachment~

  2. #1121152017-09-29 02:13:37 *EvoRulz said:

    @Koushiro @Ecstasy @Trib

    you were all a big part of my first years on the colorless, kou joining around the same time as I did always being around in chat. Ecstasy contributing greatly to the chorus project I proposed. Trib bein' rad and playing CAH and Minecraft, and i think we were in some skype calls as well.

  3. #1121922017-10-09 06:51:02 *EvoRulz said:

    @BonneFee @Nathan @DSP

    I wasn't able to catch up with you guys for a long period of time but you were all awesome users to have around please visit sometime soon <3 I remember Bonne being in my skype calls and i'm sure @--Jack-- remembers that one time 8^y Nathan you welcomed me into /ru and introduced me to a bunch of your friends and we had heaps to laugh about too, DSP i only met you once and briefly but it was awesome to have you back on CL for a while~

  4. #1123572017-11-13 12:20:45Koushiro said:

    @koushiro because I'm not around much lately and I flippin want to talk a lot more to people and play and stuff but too much school and not enough time is my life right now so meh >.<

    also @EvoRulz how are you bro, shoot me a pm.