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  1. The Colorless History Timeline

    #1120832017-09-23 13:19:59 *EvoRulz said:

    Imagine this, a timeline where newfags and oldfags alike can come to admire the history of this wonderful weeb neet trap of a website

    This is the format I had in mind but i'm open to suggestion, it's only my history for the last two years after all

    @Lieutenant @Kirn @DarkChaplain @Kiboune @Wolfangle @Deftones @MrTrain @Zach @Mairu

    pinging some active oldfriends for help sorry if i missed your name :o

    Here's a platform to start us off, but let me know if you have a better one in mind:

    password: baccano

    this could be a nice addition to the user guide that noone reads if some proper artists from here laid out the final image

  2. #1120972017-09-25 04:20:28wu-se said:

    I'll Start

    And its all of you people's fault.