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  1. CL Music Club

    #1121202017-09-29 08:14:51 *EvoRulz said:

    Welcome to the CL Songwriting Club!

    Upload what you're working on at any stage or quality, Download, Collaborate, Mix, Remix, Master, Listen, Enjoy~

    Any muso related stuff is great here~

    Here's a three part album @Deftones and i threw together in a couple hours on a slow friday afternoon to kick us off B)

  2. #1121232017-09-30 03:56:35Deftones said:

    Yeah, just make a quick song of any quality and post here. Best to start out with rhythm and someone will do something with it!

  3. #1124392017-11-23 09:27:20EvoRulz said:

    I've recently recieved a MIDI keyboard in the mail so i'm keen to make some beats without the background noise woop woop! I wan't to make some chiptunes for games.

  4. #1124872017-11-26 03:45:26MacV said:

    Man.. I love music! :D there is a saying that 'Music cleanse the soul.." I hope I can join this club. ^-^ and I'll try to posts some of my music too. :3

  5. #1150202018-10-25 23:35:20EvoRulz said:

    Red Hair 24/10/18

    sometimes i wish this world could be an alternate reality where you were so in love with me but tears are fallin' down my cheek cause

    you see as me as family and I'm too young not what you need and i couldn't make you happy nor satisfy your soul you see

    even though that has been my dream yeah since the day you came to me when i strumming casually and always doing my own thing

    you smiled you said your name was claire i fell in love with your red hair you asked if you could play a song maybe thats where it all went wrong

    cause when you opened up your book and found the page for which you'd looked and sung with voice so angel sweet you fully swept off my feet

    the greatest moment of my life was once upon a sunny time you hugged me close i almost died went to heaven then revived

    the worst nightmare i ever dreamed was the one in which you loved me and then i woke up and the deepest pain coursed through my veins because from the beginning i knew you loved someone else the way that i love you.