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Parent: TheColorless 2018 Calendar Project [COMPLETED WITH DOWNLOAD LINK]

  1. #1122952017-10-29 08:26:40shafnat said:

    Umm, hello. i would like to appreciate you guys who have submitted your works to Lieu in time, these are wonderful. Like, oh my. this would be a really cool calendar! And i'd like to remind you guys who havent submitted yet, here goes the ping: @Rebel @Cloud-VK @Qarr @genericmav @Inia @Lieutenant @izzaink @Aoberry @shafnat @Ecstasy @FreeTicket @Maguro (ignore if you have submitted)

    I'll start working on putting the dates on the pages you made, i promise it will be finished soon and ready to share before January. Thank you! keep on the spirit just as when this project was just started!

  2. #1123612017-11-13 12:55:32 *Inia said:

    I saw the email alert very late, but I have already PMed my piece like... months ago. I submitted the art as soon as I dubbed it finalized.

  3. #1125712017-12-02 11:09:02shafnat said:

    @Rebel i'm really sorry, but i didn't get any word from you about this and it's been really late. and also, it was pretty long since your last online in your profile page so we discussed and decided to just cram this quickly with any participants that i have in contact with to finish this before 2018. so, really really sorry about that.

  4. #1129872018-01-09 22:53:12 *Rebel said:

    @shafnat lol dont be so apologetic mate, My pen tablet broke... aint got a new one and i was gonna use ms paint to make stick figures with yellow hair for my submission (jk)... I'm supposed to be sorry for not letting ya'll know I couldn't submit anything...