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Parent: Destiny 2 - Sept 6th (24th Oct PC)

  1. #1123122017-11-01 07:35:33Kirn said:

    I am playing Arcstrider and having a lot of fun punching enemies in the face and then taking out huge electric staff and killing everyone like lightning-god version of Darth Maul. I die a lot though, but that's just me having to adjust to how this game should actually be played.

    Anyways, having a lot of fun with game - good shooter, good gun variety. Plus, the story is fun too, I missed playing Bungie shooters since the Halo days. Got to 289 light level yesterday. Can probably grind into more... I really should grind into more, cause I feel that from 290+ I can start trying prestige nightfalls, which is like the one thing I haven't tried yet. And of course, raid is coming out today, so I will do that, with clan or as part of destiny tracker group, not sure.

    Game looks and runs great - obviously, this is how you are supposed to play FPS games, ffs! With mouse and keyboard! Though, PC running is obviously not without problems. I think there were troubles with some video cards, that are now fixed, but there still remains one pretty annoying glitch - when you play for a long time, it all starts to lag horribly. And people have connected this with clan screen - on clan screen on PC player roster is broken, it tries loading constantly, and never finishes. So people reported that leaving clan fixes the problem, but leaving clan makes you miss out on sweet gear rewards, so yeah, fuck that. When you restart the game, everything fixes for a while, but it is just annoying, so hope they will fix it all soon.

    But other than that - yeah, this is good game. I like the gameplay, and I like the interactions. Also, punching people.