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  1. Paralyzing dream from pain

    #1123652017-11-14 14:26:16Sandi917- said:

    I have been having dreams where I am letter ally paralyzed from pain, I cannot move in my dream to get where I want to go. I am stuck in a chair and cannot get out. This is very disturbing! I suffer from chronic back pain which has been worse lately. I have to wonder if this is triggering the dreams.

  2. #1123732017-11-16 16:49:38 *Deftones said:

    When this happens in a dream, try to remember that you are in a dream. If you remember, stay calm and try to control your dream. If you cant do this, just go with it. Struggling while paralyzed is hopeless, accepting that its a dream and you have no control, might help with the fear.

    en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucid_dream Some info on the topic.

    Don't try to wake yourself up from nightmares, because you may wake up still dreaming.

  3. #1123742017-11-17 01:08:07 *Cloud-VK said:

    I suffer from chronic back pain which has been worse lately. I have to wonder if this is triggering the dreams.

    @Sandi917- If its on your mind then chances are that you'll end up dreaming about it.

    Uh ...most similar dream I've had to that, Is this one I remember, I had after I smashed a hand under a dumpster lid, that night prior to sleep I didn't feel much pain at all, it just stung a bit. Which I found amazing by the way the way thing fell, shoulda broke every bone in there.

    But it felt fine, un till later, after I fell asleep. I had this dream that I was riding in the car with the fam ...and we ended up wreaking pretty bad. I remember panicking, cause I wanted to check on everyone else, but I couldn't ...couldn't move. SO I slowly looked over at the reason for my immobility ...same hand I smashed during the day was trapped under the car.

    All at once I woke up, had a horrible panic attack, and all during that attack my hand felt like it was burning. I was thrashing around, yelled so loud I woke up everyone in the house.

    That one is the most similar one, to yours, I have had I think...

  4. #1123762017-11-17 01:18:01 *Cloud-VK said:

    Oh! and this other dream I had might be relevant too~!

    I think maybe it was two years ago, I had a dream wear I could only look up ...while I was being chased by t-rex in a Alice n Wonderland type setting lol

    Who knows wear that came from . - .

    But, you know the reason I could only look up? I was hunting and fell asleep with my head laid back over a tree branch, in the same problematic position as the dream.

    SO based on those dreams of mine I'd definally say your physical shape has some sort of play in your dreams. But I ain't no expert or nothun =.=

  5. #1125722017-12-02 18:03:22ICASA said:

    Paralyzingly dream from pain. So (though I know what this thread is about) it sounds as we are paralyzingly our dreams within our NREM sleep stage so that all we look in to is a bottomless pit where you feel no emotions except pain while you constontanly fall to your death though it will never happen. Parched and hungry you fall wondering if the pain will ever end but you are so helpless and nobody can help save your soul.