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  1. Kedi (documentary)

    #1123722017-11-16 16:13:36Kirn said:

    Important fact - documentary movies are not necessarily the ones about history. Sometimes you can just get the topic and run with it, just explore it as a theme. So, what is the theme of the documentary today? Cats, of course!

    Kedi means cat in Turkish, apparently. And the movie is about cats of Istanbul. The city seems to be place of many many many cats, who roam the streets by the hundreds. I guess ,this can be sad for many cities, but in some cats are more prominent. For example, my city, which is just 830 km north of Istanbul, also is very cat-rich place.Maybe it has something to do with both being port cities...
    Anyways. What can you really say about cats? It's cats! They roam streets, they ask for food, they are being assholes to people and each other. They are adorable and you must love them. So, this documentary is not really tackling any major issues. Well, it does talk about city becoming less comfortable for cats - with all the new building projects and stuff - but that's just small part of the film
    Main part? Cats. Hundreds of cats. Movie centers on stories of several cats on particular - as told by humans who interact with them the most - and really, that's all there is to it. But it is a dream to a proper cat-lover, as you get to see different cats with different personalities, doing their own things.

    How many times did I write 'cats' even? Anyways, cats are great, watch this or die on everlasting ignorance of better things.