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Parent: Paralyzing dream from pain

  1. #1123742017-11-17 01:08:07 *Cloud-VK said:

    I suffer from chronic back pain which has been worse lately. I have to wonder if this is triggering the dreams.

    @Sandi917- If its on your mind then chances are that you'll end up dreaming about it.

    Uh ...most similar dream I've had to that, Is this one I remember, I had after I smashed a hand under a dumpster lid, that night prior to sleep I didn't feel much pain at all, it just stung a bit. Which I found amazing by the way the way thing fell, shoulda broke every bone in there.

    But it felt fine, un till later, after I fell asleep. I had this dream that I was riding in the car with the fam ...and we ended up wreaking pretty bad. I remember panicking, cause I wanted to check on everyone else, but I couldn't ...couldn't move. SO I slowly looked over at the reason for my immobility ...same hand I smashed during the day was trapped under the car.

    All at once I woke up, had a horrible panic attack, and all during that attack my hand felt like it was burning. I was thrashing around, yelled so loud I woke up everyone in the house.

    That one is the most similar one, to yours, I have had I think...