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  1. CL Stylish Addons & Themes

    #1124112017-11-21 03:35:29 *--Jack-- said:

    Userstyles allow you to use the "Stylish" addon to apply custom CSS (GUI Colors, Background Colors, background Images, and other stuff.) to your website to have it appear like you want it to!

    Stylish addon for Google Chrome

    Stylish addon for Mozilla Firefox

    Once installed on your browser, you can use the link at the top to search for styles that other users have made for CL, or other websites. Among other things it can be used to make your own custom CL styles! Here's a few for example:

    DarkChaplain's Upboat Style for the forum

    DarkChaplain's Minimalist Chat Style

    My Night Traffic Theme for Chat

    My Pixelated Cloud Theme for Chat

    My NiteLite Theme for Chat

    So come up with your own userstyles, post others you like, have fun, and format responsibly!