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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1124762017-11-25 14:42:41Kirn said:

    Jungle (2017)

    So a Jewish got tired of society and went to wild countries to escape, where he met other such travelers and a guy named Karl, who offered to give them a tour in a real jungle, where white people don't dare to go. And turns out, for good reason, cause these guys got incredibly lost. And that's what the movie is about.
    So okay, spoiler alert - movie is based on the book by this Yossi guy, so hey, fucker survived in the end. And he participated in creation of the movie. And this kinda makes me wonder about it all, cause... On one hand, he did face horrible challenges there... on the other... half of the time he was hallucinating, so how real was his experience in the first place? And also, in this whole story the real mystery was what happened to the other guys. I mean, really, we never even know.
    And one more thing. For all the personal drama, the story itself is not that interesting. Just few guys getting lost in a jungle. Happens all the time. So it is well-made picture, but you really won't get much content out of it.