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  1. Gifmas 2017

    #1126412017-12-06 20:24:44 *--Jack-- said:

    Merry Gifmas!

    Continuing from Last Year...


    The rules are fairly simple:

    • @Ping a user with a Gif you know they'd like or you think represents them.

    • People can send gifs to anyone, as long as its not offensive.

    • If one person's already gotten one, that's ok, you can send them one too!

    • If it's NSFW, give a warning as to why its NSFW and then either censor the gif itself (beware of resizing issues) or censor a link to the gif.

    How to Censor a Post with MarkDown:

       !!![Put Text Here, even a URL]
       !!![Image/Gif URL]  =  Censored Image
       !!![[Link Title](Link URL)] = Censored Link

    Go check out Last Gifmas as an example.