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Parent: Daily Venting Thread

  1. #1128152017-12-21 05:46:48chalice said:

    Two of our starters on the boys team got ejected, because this other guy put one of them in a chokehold and threw him to the ground and then began to punch the shit out of him (our player didn’t even fight back, he was just protecting his head. Our other starter pulled the guy off, and the refs and coaches and police officers swarmed in to pull the guy away. While being pulled off the guy was yelling, “I’ll fuck you up.” Repeatedly. The other team’s parents and such were cheering the guy on. The thing that is so fucked up, after that he was allowed to sit on the bench after all that, and in the hallways the refs were fucking laughing about the situation. (All before halftime even so tensions were high). So our player is at the ER because his head and neck is swollen. They’re pressing charges. But also wtf, we are a 1B basketball team.