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Parent: Daily Venting Thread

  1. #1129002017-12-27 17:24:52Kittycat said:

    I keep asking myself where I went wrong. I feel as though I wanted to relieve some stress, and hang out with new people, but while doing that, I forgot about the important people in my life. I seem to always have this problem where when something asks for my attention, I forget to give attention to other things as well. I really need to work on that, or at least learn to make the right decision as to what holds more priority. I think I have a lot more problems than I let myself believe sometimes, and I really need to identify and fix them. A thing that's been bothering me, is that I find myself falling victim to being manipulated by other peoples' beliefs. Maybe it's just because I've been very vulnerable lately, but I think it's always been a problem. I feel like I care too much of what my family/peers think, and it really stops me from expressing how I truly feel, makes me feel like I should hold my feelings back, and causes a lot of doubt. I'm a really hot headed person sometimes, I realize now that I should just take a step back, and cool off before doing/saying something that I'll regret / I don't really feel. Also, I see myself being very selfish sometimes, I disregard what others want, and I put my own feelings over theirs. I really need to be more considerate about those things, because I know that how I feel is important, but my feelings don't come before others'. I think I need to grow up by getting a job so I can move out, and stop relying on the people around me, maybe then I could become a better person.