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  1. #1129092017-12-28 00:46:27Sweg_cat said:

    To the guy I liked,

    Well, even after your graduation, I still like you. And I hate myself for still liking you. Even when you left me without saying goodbye. Even when I thought I’d moved on, you some how came outta nowhere and act all sweet, friendly and flirty. I liked you partly because you reminded me of and old friend and how you’re just stupidly funny. I hate you so much for being and asshole, for leaving me and for playing with my heart. But I still don’t get why a part of me still likes you. Maybe it’s because I’m still in denial about your feelings towards me. I don’t know anymore. But I hope after typing this letter, I won’t be thinking about you anymore.

                        Sincerely, your “Friend”