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Parent: New Year's Resolutions 2018

  1. #1129262018-01-01 15:37:54 *Kittycat said:
    • Get a job
    • Save up money
    • Get my own place
    • Work to get out of school as soon as possible, so I can get a real job
    • Never give up, even when I feel hopeless
    • Make a lot of games
    • Don't lose sight of what's important
    • Keep an open mind
    • Don't let people control me
    • Don't allow myself to fall to the bottom, before realizing my faults
    • Assess myself constantly to see where I can improve both physically, and as a person
    • Make time for other people
    • Take some time to allow myself to relax
    • Learn
    • Make a positive impact on people, and the world
    • Actively take time to be vocal to the people I appreciate
    • Stop letting myself be distracted
    • Don't only live for the moment, think about the future
    • Do my best in everything I do

    And most importantly:

    • Cut down on the sushi