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Parent: Daily Venting Thread

  1. #1129442018-01-03 15:00:41 *DarkChaplain said:

    So apparently almost everything that could go wrong, does go wrong today. No stove til tomorrow because they "forgot" to hook it up. No laundry til later because they "forgot" to hook it up. No fridge yet because they couldn't be arsed to plug it in and I can't get the ladder from the balcony to the kitchen because the entire living room is filled with boxes. My new mattress hasn't arrived today. My bookshelf is now coming in week 3. Because fuck two day delivery. My kitchen doesn't fit properly anymore, so they'll have to come again to replace parts. One of my kitchen drawers doesn't open properly anymore because of the fucking pointless heater under the window. The "new" microwave doesn't seem to like people pressing buttons and I have no idea how to properly configure that without the manual. Fuck this day :')

  2. #1129482018-01-04 08:13:16Deftones said:

    lol, with the amount of problems youve had and for amount of time this has been happening, you might as well get a plumbers degree and electrical degree. That way you dont have to wait around hahah

  3. #1129492018-01-04 08:32:36DarkChaplain said:

    9 months, man. Nine. Fucking. Months. And there are still issues here that need to be fixed up before long. I'm starting to make room again and sort shit away as best I can, but this'll be a shit January.