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Parent: TheColorless 2018 Calendar Project [COMPLETED WITH DOWNLOAD LINK]

  1. #1129452018-01-03 23:30:41 *Lieutenant said:

    Yes, overdue and all that but we were like, not going to let this just die anyway. So we made it and here is the download link you can refer to. File's a big size, you can print it, or not, up to you. But hey at least this is the end.






    Do tell if you have difficulty downloading it, I'll figure out a way and give you different download link(s) then.

    Gotta thank all these people for their extra hardworks because, seriously. Artworks in order:

    Just giving a huge shoutout to @shafnat because he's been putting together the artworks altogether and always has a brilliant idea on how things should be done. You're the best, bruv.

    Yeah, thought it'd never be done but it's actually amazing that these kids are actually working without my supervision. So, kudos to you all and enjoy your badge (Actually do tell if I accidentally give you double badges or if you haven't received). In addition, I'll also give you the Rabu badge because of the obvious reason. Thanks a lot, people )

    It's almost refreshing to see new faces yeah.

  2. #1129462018-01-04 01:24:33shafnat said:

    Its out! Yay!

    It was great to be working with you all, to be working together along with fellow artists in a community. For me, to contribute a thing for this cozy community has been a pleasure.

    Also thanks for @Lieutenant for guiding us and starting this project, this could never be done if you weren't there. You're also the best, sis.

    And also thanks to all the participant as well, you all have done a great job. These works are incredible it makes me proud i've ever worked on a thing with you guys.

    I'm looking forward to have any art related project with you guys again, and to you who have just been substituted, i deeply apologize and hoping we could work together again in the future.

    Please download the calendar and Happy 2018!