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  1. Culinary Enclaves

    #1129472018-01-04 08:01:32MarkovAlgeroth said:

    I've been in Sydney on holiday for a few days, and today I went to a Ramen place that a friend recommended to me. It was a bitch to find because it was on the only floor that the elevator didn't go to, in the back of a food court in a corner of an asian market. We got there eventually and of course it was closed, but we were still surrounded by asian food stalls, so I got an entire steamed fish swimming in lemon and chilli.

    This got me thinking.

    There are little China Towns and asian markets pocketed throughout every large city I've been to. There are little asian enclaves like this in western cities, so my question is are there little western enclaves throughout Asian cities? I know there are the 'Grand Imperial Hotels of The King of Whateverland' that you can stay and eat in for a billion dollars a head, but I'm looking for markets, clusters of stalls, little pockets of Europe. Anyone got anything?