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Parent: TheColorless 2018 Calendar Project [COMPLETED WITH DOWNLOAD LINK]

  1. #1129532018-01-04 13:25:24Cloud-VK said:


    Good job @shafnat and @Lieutenant ! It looks fantastic~

    November and December were hilarious, awesome job @Maguro !

    Lieu I love your job with April, severtan looks pretty with her hair down.

    @izzaink March looks epic, and adorable, you did a amazing job too!

    and @shafnat you killed September, it looks beautiful, it's probably my favorite outta the bunch. Awesome job!

    Everyone else did a good job too. Got's me thinking I really gotta improve my art game before the next time lol -3-

  2. #1129572018-01-05 05:39:59shafnat said:

    Whoa, never thought someone would like the September page. The background was indeed a hard work back then (with no Photoshop skill and old shitty drawing tablet) but the Server-tan was only made in one day right after i got a new drawing tablet. So it was not my best, actually. But anyway, thanks a lot. you did a great job too!

  3. #1129762018-01-08 18:08:11 *Maguro said:

    @Cloud-VK hahahahaha thanks ^^

    Good job to all of us guys, of course this would never be done if not for the efforts of everyone who participated.

    And for @shafnat and @Lieutenant who never lost hope in making the calendar a success, cheers to you both!!

    Also Happy new year guys (=_=)*thumbs up*