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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1129942018-01-10 18:23:00Kirn said:

    Marshall (2017)

    So, this is one of them difficult movies to judge. And yes, that is a fucking pun. Anyways. Thurgood Marshall. Black attorney, who started at the time of segregation and won some damn fine victories for his people. But this movie is not about his most prominent cases, this movie decided to take one rather bizarre case, and tell about that.
    Now, this being the high ranking popular movie, the usual place got article on it. And from it you can see, that a lot of details of the case itself are correct. Real case was a bit more elaborate, with issues of ransom note and material evidence, but it's understandable why movie went with less details. But generally, it's correct, and it's a funny case, really, if you think about it. Both parties went full retard... and to court.
    Now, the main problem of the movie is that it is obviously a movie talking about achievement of black people. Which I got nothing against, but often these films are demeaning whites in the process, and it's not exception here. Attack by stupid rednecks? Never happened. But the main victim here is Marshall's colleague on the case - Sam Friedman. That guy is shown as more of a comedic character, and the whole movie is structured to show how meeting Marshall made Friedman into a better person and attorney. Which was really not the case. So, funny enough, the movie is raising the black guy at expense of a Jewish guy.
    Still, I would recommend watching it for the case details at least. It's pretty funny.