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  1. Coffee?

    #1130602018-01-18 04:32:15shafnat said:

    "Way too much coffee. But if it weren't for the coffee, I'd have no identifiable personality whatsoever."

    -David Letterman

    I've seen threads about beverages like..Teas and umm even Milo but i can't get in because i myself not really a fan of both. Apparently i've been drinking a lot of coffee lately and tried visiting cafes around me just to try each coffees they could provide, so i think let's just make a thread about it, just to share about coffees you like, or sharing the information about coffees, your coffee preferences, how you like it's made, the tools and machine to make it, or just to share a picture of the coffee you made!

  2. #1130612018-01-18 04:55:33shafnat said:

    Starting, i actually only like Robusta beans. It's not that i don't like Arabica but Arabica acidity level is so high that it can hurt my stomach. Also i'm a student that drinking Robusta has a lot of benefit for me. It's cheaper, the caffeine is twice as much ( it helped me from low blood pressure things and helped me staying awake doing homework) and the smell and the taste itself i would really prefer Robusta.

    I mostly drink Robustas from Java, this is what i buy often, AROMA. It has been so known as a good coffee factory since the Dutch occupation of Indonesia.(There's even a dutch language in the package until now)

  3. #1130622018-01-18 05:27:04shafnat said:

    Also, i bought a manual grinder recently, and of course i bought the whole beans too. It's Tiamo Skerton Ceramic grinder.

    and the beans (because im kinda bored with AROMA) i bought Excelso Robusta Gold.

    It's pretty good, i think. But not satisfying enough, for the taste i even prefer Nescafe Classic. But they sell variety of Robusta, i will try the others later.

    Found out the whole beans and grinded manually coffee tastes way better than already grounded one. Also, i filter them using french press, which is broken already -_-

    I usually make americano. Just a simple. black. coffee. with boiled water. But i don't know why i'm interested to learn lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas now. Though i think i need espresso machine and milk frother for maximum result.

  4. #1130872018-01-19 08:46:40IrawaWeirHolo said:

    I still stand by my blend 70%Arabica and 30%Robusta.

    Grind the beans and use the french press.

    Though I would like to taste Excelsa and Liberica. It would be easy for me cause I'm studying here at the university which is the leading coffee research facility in PH.

  5. #1130912018-01-19 17:01:32shafnat said:

    @IrawaWeirHolo i would like to know more about Excelsa and Liberica! i read that excelsa grow around us in south east asia, and i want to try it too. And i know nothing about liberica. do share if you got something!

  6. #1130922018-01-19 17:05:05shafnat said:

    Also, my mother is about to start a business of Green Coffee. A relative has a coffee farm that would start a business along with my mother, and it's pretty trendy here since some people still believe that it helps losing weight, eventhough it's controversial.

  7. #1130962018-01-20 01:56:09Kinnear said:

    I unfortunately need to stop drinking coffee pretty soon, since caffeine won't agree with me after my bariatric surgery. But I do love me some coffee.

    Most of what I drink is flavored coffees. I like flavor profiles that work well in a double-double (Two milk or cream, two sugar. Canadian term). Usually light roast for the caffeine content. I've recently taken to making my own cold brew (coarse-grinding beans and letting them steep in water for 24 hours, then straining out all the bean grounds. The end result is essentially a coffee syrup you mix with water in whatever ratio you prefer. Contrary to its name, it can be served hot). I find the result gets rid of a lot of that "burnt" taste evident in some other brewing methods.I use cold brew to make lattes as well, when I feel like a latte.

    I also own a Keurig and flavored coffee pods (My favorites being Folgers' Caramel Drizzle and Mocha Swirl), and some Nescafe pre-sweetened instant coffee packets for when I'm lazy and cheap.

  8. #1131012018-01-20 12:32:19shafnat said:

    @Kinnear Nooo don't stop, life wouldn't be meaningful without them!(HAHAHA JK just decide whats best for your health)

    I like the results of cold brewed coffee! Though it takes too long to make and im not that patient enough, so i just buy come cold brewed coffee in some cafes. It tastes yes, i would say a "cleaner" taste of coffee indeed. Might make it myself someday.

    I dont know but nescafes taste a little bit weird to me, every different products of it. Classic or instant ones. Idk theres a taste i dont know what it is that i dont like, and its very distinctive when its made in just a small cup of espresso. And idk i dont really like instant coffees anyway heheh.

  9. #1131022018-01-20 14:04:25Lycan said:

    This is for all you coffee drinkers out there. It may be in Swedish but I think the message is pretty clear. The title, "påtår", means "a refill".

  10. #1131552018-01-23 18:05:11shafnat said:

    I bought a french press again!

    And also a portable milk frother, now i could make coffee properly. Just gotta practice, practice, practice. Here's my first try using these new tools.

    Tastes good, but gotta learn how to froth milk properly.

  11. #1131892018-01-25 01:16:59Xyopq said:

    I thought I never liked coffee until I went to Jamaica and tried Blue Mountain. It quite literally changed my life and now I'm super into it with several different ways of preparing and always trying out different beans and blends.

  12. #1131902018-01-25 05:46:43shafnat said:

    Blue mountain coffee.. lemme check a blue mountain beans that is available here...

    oh nevermind. it costs 3x of the beans i use to buy. wow.

  13. #1132362018-01-31 13:43:05Bavalt said:

    I'll be honest: I like coffee a lot, but I'm no aficionado. I wouldn't be able to identify arabica from robusta (hell, I'd never heard of the latter until now.) That said, I like my coffee black, and decaf if I can get it. I do occasionally need a caffeine boost, so I figure it's better not to build up too much of a tolerance for it. Usually, I just want it for the flavor in the first place.

    Anyone else into finding good things to pair with it? We sell these big soft oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies at work, and I buy one with my free coffee practically every shift. When I feel like something more indulgent, mint-flavored chocolate goes really well with it too.

  14. #1132382018-02-01 04:00:14shafnat said:

    Im not that aficionado either HAHAHA but for only to identify between arabica and robusta is pretty clear...for my tongue. Idk theres something like kind of "fruity" taste in arabica while robusta seems to have like a bit of chocolate taste I love both black or with milk.... or sometimes i would mix it with some traditional recipe like gingers, some clove, or cinnamon also mix well. Its just how my mood wants it. (even i often go to cafe just to get a single espresso shot....and regret after i cant sleep a whole day)

    i don't pair with anything sweet, but i often enjoy coffee along with mendoan, gehu, siomay or pisang goreng. Just google em. These snacks are reasons i love being an Indonesian though.

  15. #1137952018-04-23 08:34:27IrawaWeirHolo said:

    Ahhhhhh the bliss. Now that I have my french press, I have tried adding milo, brown sugar, and vanilla to my brewed coffee. Milo is shit as an additive. Brown sugar adds a unique sweetness to the coffee, it's quite good. Vanilla is just pure bliss it changes the aroma. Cinnamon is next.

  16. #1138002018-04-24 17:52:21Sheep said:

    I dunno what these names are. I just love to drink any coffee- except the pure black ones due to my sensitive heart. I take anything; whether instant or nah, hot or iced etc. The less creamer/milk and sugar though, the better. :D

    Also mocha cake-

  17. #1138022018-04-24 20:32:51shafnat said:

    I wanna try to make this one, a Vietnamese Egg Coffee. They said it tastes like liquid tiramisu. But oh well, i haven't had enough guts to mix coffee with egg yet, oh well. Anyone has ever tried?

  18. #1139212018-05-11 17:52:23shafnat said:

    this is simple, but TRY IT it's totally delicious no need milk no need sugar, cinnamon and coffee is just a perfect combination.