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  1. #1143032018-07-15 21:20:03shafnat said:

    yesterday i tried making another egg coffee but i used too much vanilla it tasted like ahtesfhearshs i didn't drink it

  2. #1150852018-10-29 18:42:40shafnat said:

    the taste alone, i think? before that cup i only have french press and vietnam drip pot, and the coffee coming out of it was never as good as how i made it with aeropress - which is this one.

  3. #1149462018-10-20 16:22:44shafnat said:

    wow after 1 week not drinking coffee because of water boiler broken, drinking 10 grams of robusta(and 120 grams of water) black coffee makes my heartbeat go crazy.

  4. #1150732018-10-28 19:21:30Kinnear said:

    I have been anyway, to be honest. It's only a minor issue.Caffeine makes me need to drink more liquids in order to reach my fluid goals for the day.

  5. #1150842018-10-29 18:40:23shafnat said:

    @c1arcy FINALLY, A TRAINED BARISTA. THEN PLEASE MAKE THIS THREAD A NICE ONE master i swear i'll delete previous posts i made once you start posting things here

  6. #1150982018-10-30 11:36:08c1arcy said:

    Welp, I have an essay due in two days time so I'm going to procrastinate on this thread while I can.

    Hello! I'm the resident trained barista looking for other baristas as well

    (I find it amusing that there isn't more baristas on here since it's a pretty basic job.)

    I've been a barista part-time whilst at uni for over 3 years now, I have worked in a lot of chains so I've learned a lot of do's and don'ts within the trade here. Worked in places such as Costa, Starbucks, Independent Coffee shops, 5 star hotels, 4 star hotels, y'know all that jazz. I have to say that I'm passionate about coffee and getting it right since overall I am a perfectionist.

    I'd say always support your local coffee businesses more than the bigger chains, you'll find more passionate people within local shops about coffee than those for bigger corporations and it's always nice to support local businesses.

    Every year I go to a coffee festival in Glasgow, I'd recommend you going along to one near you. Even if you aren't a barista it can be very insightful just to see the different variations of coffee that you can get, this also includes teas as well.

    I think the biggest game changer right now is oat milk for those that can't drink milk or choose not to since it foams a lot of better and compliments coffee with a creamier texture than soya does. Soya is more difficult to foam without burning and you end up with a lot of air sometimes.


    If you have any questions go ahead and ask away.

  7. #1150992018-10-30 12:27:01shafnat said:

    I am now totally happy with a presence of a real barista in this thread, really. And that is indeed one intention of me creating this thread, to get someone that knows much about coffee and willing to share. Since so far i only learn about it from my friend who is a barista working in an independent coffee shop and from youtube. Really would like to hear anything you would like to share in advance, and of course to try them with any tools i have right now.

    About supporting local coffee shops, i'm trying to always do! i live in the area of my univ and theres a lot of cafes here, i do visit each one to try their coffee..and took notes of their tastes and prices...lol. But yeah, it's always nice to be in a small cafe to drink some coffee and do assignments and projects there. I wish there's more coffee festivals around. It'd be fun to visit. Well, probably will do once i graduated tho.

    NOW why not start by sharing something about manual brewing ehehe. Like, tools you'd recommend, water coffee ratio.. or anything?

  8. #1152072018-11-10 13:19:15Kinnear said:

    Glad to say I"m back to making cold brew at home again. Been mixing it with a protein shake (and a teaspoon of sugar) for "breakfast" on gym mornings. It's a great way to get my protein and energy up, enough calories to fuel my workout and save time cooking breakfast so I can get out of the house earlier. :D

    I also make lattes sometimes. I don't have a frothwr or anything so they're basically just microwaved 1% milk mixed with cold brew and sugar. Still good though.

  9. #1164552019-06-10 09:42:25shafnat said:

    Robusta just tastes bitter, unlike Arabica where it has different tastes and sour sour kind of things based on its origins. Robusta mix well with milk.

  10. #1164562019-06-10 13:59:26Sheep said:

    @shafnat what kind of milk? Also, how does one make coffee out of robusta- do you remember the photos from instagram? How do you make coffee out of those xD

  11. #1164572019-06-10 14:58:33shafnat said:

    @Sheep I always use condensed milk because yeah im brewing it manually without a machine, it's kinda easy with condensed milk so i can just mix it with hot water and froth it using a frothing wand or a french press.


    If only i have a milk steamer i'll use cold pasteurized milk and just steam it out till hot and frothy.


    Alsoooo robusta is a type of beans idk what image did you show me on instaaaaa... did you mean the tool you'ce shown me, the french press?

  12. #1164622019-06-12 13:13:20Sheep said:

    @shafnat Ooo. Condensed milk, noted uwu

    And no aaaa I meant the coffee you said were cheap and stuff. Thoooose. How to turn those into liquid coffee :O

  13. #1164742019-06-15 10:15:45shafnat said:

    @Sheep aaaaah i get it, so you got the robusta beans? grind it. Or do you have the ground already? If so, since i know you have a french press, theres a lot of tips but more or less this video will explain!