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Parent: Coffee?

  1. #1130622018-01-18 05:27:04shafnat said:

    Also, i bought a manual grinder recently, and of course i bought the whole beans too. It's Tiamo Skerton Ceramic grinder.


    and the beans (because im kinda bored with AROMA) i bought Excelso Robusta Gold.


    It's pretty good, i think. But not satisfying enough, for the taste i even prefer Nescafe Classic. But they sell variety of Robusta, i will try the others later.

    Found out the whole beans and grinded manually coffee tastes way better than already grounded one. Also, i filter them using french press, which is broken already -_-

    I usually make americano. Just a simple. black. coffee. with boiled water. But i don't know why i'm interested to learn lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas now. Though i think i need espresso machine and milk frother for maximum result.