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Parent: Coffee?

  1. #1130962018-01-20 01:56:09Kinnear said:

    I unfortunately need to stop drinking coffee pretty soon, since caffeine won't agree with me after my bariatric surgery. But I do love me some coffee.

    Most of what I drink is flavored coffees. I like flavor profiles that work well in a double-double (Two milk or cream, two sugar. Canadian term). Usually light roast for the caffeine content. I've recently taken to making my own cold brew (coarse-grinding beans and letting them steep in water for 24 hours, then straining out all the bean grounds. The end result is essentially a coffee syrup you mix with water in whatever ratio you prefer. Contrary to its name, it can be served hot). I find the result gets rid of a lot of that "burnt" taste evident in some other brewing methods.I use cold brew to make lattes as well, when I feel like a latte.

    I also own a Keurig and flavored coffee pods (My favorites being Folgers' Caramel Drizzle and Mocha Swirl), and some Nescafe pre-sweetened instant coffee packets for when I'm lazy and cheap.

  2. #1131012018-01-20 12:32:19shafnat said:

    @Kinnear Nooo don't stop, life wouldn't be meaningful without them!(HAHAHA JK just decide whats best for your health)

    I like the results of cold brewed coffee! Though it takes too long to make and im not that patient enough, so i just buy come cold brewed coffee in some cafes. It tastes yes, i would say a "cleaner" taste of coffee indeed. Might make it myself someday.

    I dont know but nescafes taste a little bit weird to me, every different products of it. Classic or instant ones. Idk theres a taste i dont know what it is that i dont like, and its very distinctive when its made in just a small cup of espresso. And idk i dont really like instant coffees anyway heheh.