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Parent: Coffee?

  1. #1131012018-01-20 12:32:19shafnat said:

    @Kinnear Nooo don't stop, life wouldn't be meaningful without them!(HAHAHA JK just decide whats best for your health)

    I like the results of cold brewed coffee! Though it takes too long to make and im not that patient enough, so i just buy come cold brewed coffee in some cafes. It tastes yes, i would say a "cleaner" taste of coffee indeed. Might make it myself someday.

    I dont know but nescafes taste a little bit weird to me, every different products of it. Classic or instant ones. Idk theres a taste i dont know what it is that i dont like, and its very distinctive when its made in just a small cup of espresso. And idk i dont really like instant coffees anyway heheh.