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  1. If CL were to disappear, what would you do?

    #1131082018-01-21 03:07:03 *--Jack-- said:

    It's no secret that activity here has been slowing down, to a pathetic crawl. If CL were to disappear, what would you do? Go about your business? Switch to things like teamspeak and discord? They're dead as well, at least the CL ones. Just game with friends on a small clique level? What would you do?

  2. #1131212018-01-21 19:10:59Cloud-VK said:

    Guess I'd be like a parent who has a dead kid, I'd be wanting to check in on them or give them a call, and then would be forced to remind myself that they are gone. Que, the sad emotions in the chest.

  3. #1131232018-01-22 00:13:56Wolfangle said:

    At one point the funding for this site will end, and so will all the memories we'd look back on. It'd be like destroying some bad memory that you had fun with. Like a terrible drug past but remembering the bad influence of good friends you had during that time. Hold close to the ones that you gained, eventually let go of the past & continue. There will always be something new to drive us on if not CL

  4. #1131262018-01-22 04:25:25shafnat said:

    You know, maybe some things are shit indeed. Being honest, some people here treated me like i'm a retarded fool (that is because i act like so, i understand.) . But even so, never i wish any of CL member to leave, however are they to me. I just want a good relation with anybody. I grew up with CL, i would say if the internet is the world, CL is my home. So, if it were to disappear, i lose a home, i'll be sad and homeless. I might look for another place i could belong though, probably some art servers on discord, or make another group with friends and such.

    But the memory, man. I just can't. I probably am not worth of anything else other than my drawings, which is started in CL. I never communicated with people before using English before CL. Also, i am not as happy as it seems here in real life. Not over exaggerating right here, but if CL were to disappear, it'd be one of a big sadness in my life.

  5. #1131342018-01-22 15:02:57miako said:

    your speeches guys are too deep! i m impressed! and touched ! fabulous! if CL were to disappear, my life would turn into a nightmare!

  6. #1131362018-01-22 16:12:37Coldu said:

    I don't visit so often anymore, but I think I would be upset to some extent, you know, that type of ''upset'' that is just there, and you can't feel its immediate effects but you know it's there and you know that the only thing you can do is to move forward with your life, for we are never able to turn things back the way they were.

  7. #1131452018-01-22 19:20:44Cloud-VK said:

    If CL is disappearing, I need to see if I can get hold of DarkChaplain's mailing address, so's I can send him a hard copy of, Cloud's Short Stories , y'know, twenty years after this post. XD

  8. #1131502018-01-23 08:34:10Farris said:

    I'll be honest. CL was the only form of "social activity" I really enjoyed for a good while. Ever since I started playing games again, that hasn't been an issue for me. I'd wish for another relaunch... But it'd probably remain as dead as before. If you do decide to shut it down, I guess at least we still have discord... For a time. Of course I am feeling attached in some way, I've spent a lot of time here. But I can't give any reason for why CL should remain as a nearly lifeless body. Maybe it's time to pull the plug?

    I'd remember this place first of all because of the people I've met here. Good, and bad encounters. I don't think I'd find a forum with a chat system this attractive again. So all in all, thanks for the ride CL!

    Sidenote: If you decide to pull the plug. I'd advice to:

    1. Make a CLEAR announcement with BIG, COLORFUL letters ("CL is moving over to discord, pack your shit kids".). If it doesn't have color, people will most likely NOT notice it.
    2. Email all noteworthy users that we're moving over to discord.
    3. Make the site a poster that we've moved over to discord with a link to the discord server. (Maybe keep it up for a month, or two. I'm sure some people here would agree to help fund that.)
    4. Save the archives. (They might be of great interest to some people.)
    5. If interest blossoms, consider a relaunch.
  9. #1131562018-01-23 18:27:54Kirn said:

    If you decide to pull the plug. I'd advice to

    Fuck that noise. This site must be disconnected without any warning or notice, and all moderators and admins should change their social media accounts and never reply to any messages.

  10. #1131602018-01-23 18:37:47Kirn said:

    For a variety of reasons, but mostly cause this place isn't that worthy of making a big deal out of its death.

  11. #1131912018-01-25 06:07:04Kinnear said:

    I'd be pretty disappointed if CL were gone. I'd be active in Discord, and try to fill the void by searching for other half-decent geeky hobby sites with chat and forum systems, but I doubt the community would provide the same fulfillment that I pull from CL's, since most of them are either considerably less active than CL's, or considerably more active than CL's, which in my eyes would be quite a bit less appealing.

    If that does ultimately happen, though, I'd definitely like to put some more time into the discord server. Learn about and implement bots, change the channels around a bit to make it more notable and all that. And cross my fingers we wouldn't lose much of our community in the transition. xP

  12. #1131952018-01-26 09:10:55EvoRulz said:

    I would switch to something like discord and find yall and add you, and then eventually if noone else beat me to it, recreate the colorless to the best of my abilities <3