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If CL were to disappear, what would you do?

  1. #1143972018-07-30 10:26:39Taro_Tanako said:

    CL reminds me of my mid and late teens. It was a fun and confusing time, just like CL was. I made quite a few friends here and although I've grown up and am on that cusp of being a real adult I have such fond memories of this place and everyone in it. I'd be very sad about it disappearing, just like I was sad about seeing my school friends go their own seperate ways to university or my mates on shorter courses graduating last year. But life goes on and there are other ways to stay in touch.

    Glad Warlock is keeping it running for a while longer.

  2. #1144002018-07-31 11:00:07 *Destro said:

    I know i'm not the most active member but I still log in from time to time to see how everyone is doing. One of the bigger problems with this site is attracting and maintaining new users. As most of you probably know the colorless is based off a chat site from a once popular anime. The problem is, as that show fell in relevance so too did our little corner of the internet. Which is why i'm suggesting a complete rebranding of the site to attract hip new users and satisfy old fogies alike. Ladies and gentleman i proudly present a little concept for what i'm calling... The Destro Net Battle Royale!!!!

  3. #1153182018-12-07 18:58:40not_a_spai said:

    i would make an alter account just before it happened to come back after years gone and be very sad about being the only one on chat and how almost nobody comments on the forums aswell.

  4. #1153562019-01-06 17:57:58 *ImmaculateSable said:

    Seeing as i've been here for quite a while, albeit inactive the majority of the time, I still have memories here during "hard times" which had helped me get to where I am today. I would definitely miss CL but would also understand that times change, people move on, and life continues. So like everyone else, i'd move on with my life.

    Shoutout to the long-run friends/acquaintances, you may not remember me but I remember you. @Wolfangle @123-456-7890 @Maryam @Warlock @Sol @Lhyunsu @Pigboss @Viral @EvoRulz @Taro_Tanako @Bleachedsnow; and some whose names escape me...

  5. #1153582019-01-06 18:56:47DarkChaplain said:

    This past month was just pathetic to witness. Holy shit, how incapable an owner do we really have? An uptime of barely 10 months out of 12? Seriously? Not even a fucking announcement on the frontpage to explain the downtime during one of the traditionally most active times of the year?

    Yeah, great. Should've just kept it dead and gone.

  6. #1153962019-01-10 10:02:16Jake said:

    I'm just going to keep jumping on and seeing what people say. then jump off. CL has being dying for years. We can all agree we will find something else to do. However CL was a good chat room and had some good times. Oh well, back to hiding.

  7. #1170882019-09-27 08:55:37DSP said:

    It dawned on me that drrr is turning 10 years old next year and so I thought I'd log in and dang surprised I got tagged last year. Nice to see the place still standing after all this time.

    Also quack.

  8. #1171682019-10-13 05:23:49crazymexican said:

    it would break my heart. after all that has changed in my life and in me personally, it always consoled me to log onto this site and see all you salty bitches doing as you do.

  9. #1172132019-10-24 08:59:34Kip said:

    CL is the one thing in my life that was always consistent. i joined this site in 2011, left for a hot minute and came back in 2013. its always been the same, and some people might be bored of same, but i liked it. i still check in from time to time, even if my life outside of here demands my attention more than CL does now.

    it was a comfort, to look back and know that this place (no matter how shitty things were for me out in the real world) was never really changing. i could find comfort in the stability of chaos here on CL. the experiences i had here, moderating and doing admin stuff, the friends i made, hours spent in chat, the events i participated in; all helped shape me in their own way as i grew from my teen years. i had fun. CL is still a fond memory for me and even if i dont get to talk to the people ive grown close to from this place, i still have much love for them in my heart.

    if CL disappeared someday, im sure id be disappointed. i wouldnt get to look back on conversations anymore from the forum, or find funny posts that still make me laugh. i dedicated a lot of my time and effort into this place way back when.

    i dont feel like it was a waste of time, but i would be sad to see that chapter of my life close for good, and have very little power to stop it. unless, by some miraculous means, the site suddenly got a huge overhaul and became popular again.

    i know that this site vanishing would have no real consequences on my life in the real world. obviously. yet, i cant help but not want to see it leave.

    i cant help but have that sense of impending "well, what now?"

    despite being gone from CL, and most social media now, it is still the only site that has ever made me feel genuinely happy to be part of a community, and to make me return day after day for years in that time i spent here.

  10. #1172822019-10-24 18:04:26Wolfangle said:

    @Kip All of the things you said still apply & are true. No matter how shitty the memory or any of the faults this site had, it's still a part of our lives that can't be forgotten or torn away. And it wouldn't change our lives so much if it did go away, but it'd definitely hurt somewhere in the memory department that this place wouldn't exist.

    And even after all this & that, we still talk about you and bring you up. YOU'RE MISSED, cause you're a valued person in quite a few of our lives. And i swear I hope these replies get sent to your email cause it'd mean so much for you to see it. @--Jack-- @Squareof3 & I were literately talking about how we miss you & Robin last night! Send us some inbox love when you get a chance~

  11. #1186782019-11-06 05:49:19 *armedzerox said:

    I would feel very sad. But I will move on eventually. The memories lived on. we share our interest, sometimes argue, even sang a song together.

    Let me know if there any CL group on another platform.

    my skype, discord, id is armedzerox, #6933