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If CL were to disappear, what would you do?

  1. #1143972018-07-30 10:26:39Taro_Tanako said:

    CL reminds me of my mid and late teens. It was a fun and confusing time, just like CL was. I made quite a few friends here and although I've grown up and am on that cusp of being a real adult I have such fond memories of this place and everyone in it. I'd be very sad about it disappearing, just like I was sad about seeing my school friends go their own seperate ways to university or my mates on shorter courses graduating last year. But life goes on and there are other ways to stay in touch.

    Glad Warlock is keeping it running for a while longer.

  2. #1144002018-07-31 11:00:07 *Destro said:

    I know i'm not the most active member but I still log in from time to time to see how everyone is doing. One of the bigger problems with this site is attracting and maintaining new users. As most of you probably know the colorless is based off a chat site from a once popular anime. The problem is, as that show fell in relevance so too did our little corner of the internet. Which is why i'm suggesting a complete rebranding of the site to attract hip new users and satisfy old fogies alike. Ladies and gentleman i proudly present a little concept for what i'm calling... The Destro Net Battle Royale!!!!

  3. #1153182018-12-07 18:58:40not_a_spai said:

    i would make an alter account just before it happened to come back after years gone and be very sad about being the only one on chat and how almost nobody comments on the forums aswell.