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Parent: If CL were to disappear, what would you do?

  1. #1131262018-01-22 04:25:25shafnat said:

    You know, maybe some things are shit indeed. Being honest, some people here treated me like i'm a retarded fool (that is because i act like so, i understand.) . But even so, never i wish any of CL member to leave, however are they to me. I just want a good relation with anybody. I grew up with CL, i would say if the internet is the world, CL is my home. So, if it were to disappear, i lose a home, i'll be sad and homeless. I might look for another place i could belong though, probably some art servers on discord, or make another group with friends and such.

    But the memory, man. I just can't. I probably am not worth of anything else other than my drawings, which is started in CL. I never communicated with people before using English before CL. Also, i am not as happy as it seems here in real life. Not over exaggerating right here, but if CL were to disappear, it'd be one of a big sadness in my life.