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Parent: Daily Venting Thread

  1. #1131402018-01-22 18:31:43DarkChaplain said:

    I got some new furniture at least, but my bookshelf isn't here yet, almost an entire month after I ordered it. Canceled, ordered elsewhere, waiting there too.
    Got my rent increase letter a week ago, due for the first time on February 1st, which isn't actually legally sound. Did the necessary preparations for that on Friday, then got a call immediately after that they need some new paperwork signed because the rent increase wasn't correct sum-wise, so that's messed everything up again. I've gotta fight over money business via mail and all as well, because they don't want to cover the replacement furniture costs, even though they're legally obligated to do so, so that's fun.
    They FINALLY fixed up my stove on Friday. As in, noticed that the ape that put in and hooked up the apartment's fusebox didn't connect all the cables, and left them hanging behind the covers. Amazing quality work, happy.

    Things are crawling, basically, but somewhat improving. Now if only they hadn't just finally started, after nine months, to re-do what they already did on the apartments left and right of mine, and being noisy on the hallway....