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Parent: If CL were to disappear, what would you do?

  1. #1131502018-01-23 08:34:10Farris said:

    I'll be honest. CL was the only form of "social activity" I really enjoyed for a good while. Ever since I started playing games again, that hasn't been an issue for me. I'd wish for another relaunch... But it'd probably remain as dead as before. If you do decide to shut it down, I guess at least we still have discord... For a time. Of course I am feeling attached in some way, I've spent a lot of time here. But I can't give any reason for why CL should remain as a nearly lifeless body. Maybe it's time to pull the plug?

    I'd remember this place first of all because of the people I've met here. Good, and bad encounters. I don't think I'd find a forum with a chat system this attractive again. So all in all, thanks for the ride CL!

    Sidenote: If you decide to pull the plug. I'd advice to:

    1. Make a CLEAR announcement with BIG, COLORFUL letters ("CL is moving over to discord, pack your shit kids".). If it doesn't have color, people will most likely NOT notice it.
    2. Email all noteworthy users that we're moving over to discord.
    3. Make the site a poster that we've moved over to discord with a link to the discord server. (Maybe keep it up for a month, or two. I'm sure some people here would agree to help fund that.)
    4. Save the archives. (They might be of great interest to some people.)
    5. If interest blossoms, consider a relaunch.