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Parent: If CL were to disappear, what would you do?

  1. #1131912018-01-25 06:07:04Kinnear said:

    I'd be pretty disappointed if CL were gone. I'd be active in Discord, and try to fill the void by searching for other half-decent geeky hobby sites with chat and forum systems, but I doubt the community would provide the same fulfillment that I pull from CL's, since most of them are either considerably less active than CL's, or considerably more active than CL's, which in my eyes would be quite a bit less appealing.

    If that does ultimately happen, though, I'd definitely like to put some more time into the discord server. Learn about and implement bots, change the channels around a bit to make it more notable and all that. And cross my fingers we wouldn't lose much of our community in the transition. xP