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Parent: Daily Venting Thread

  1. #1132342018-01-30 19:46:09ccc said:

    Yet again my family has to rely on my car , I'm not mad that it get driven to take everyone to work I'm just mad that it had to be this way

    I need to get another car before this one fails anyone .I need to get a bike at lleast take me to work and be driven a little less

    Majority of this city does not want to put in place a legit transit system because they are scared , their fear stems from bigger cities having busses and seeing a lot of homeless people out and about.

    Most people could never understand the pressure, most people here are selfish. I have yet to meet someone from this city to understand the financial difficulties .

    I know it could be worse but it still sucks to give everything you have and still fall short , barely making it week by week .

    Most my friends could never understand my situation