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Parent: Coffee?

  1. #1132382018-02-01 04:00:14shafnat said:

    Im not that aficionado either HAHAHA but for only to identify between arabica and robusta is pretty clear...for my tongue. Idk theres something like kind of "fruity" taste in arabica while robusta seems to have like a bit of chocolate taste I love both black or with milk.... or sometimes i would mix it with some traditional recipe like gingers, some clove, or cinnamon also mix well. Its just how my mood wants it. (even i often go to cafe just to get a single espresso shot....and regret after i cant sleep a whole day)

    i don't pair with anything sweet, but i often enjoy coffee along with mendoan, gehu, siomay or pisang goreng. Just google em. These snacks are reasons i love being an Indonesian though.