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Parent: Daily Venting Thread

  1. #1132862018-02-07 20:44:25Ka1r05 said:

    Slowly getting used to a loner's lifestyle. Getting into a relationship, especially with a mentally ill person with little to no self-control and a thirst rivaling someone who has been journeying through the Sahara Desert for a week, is one of the greatest regrets I have in my life, right beside "being a hormonal teenager at one point" and "I should've kept my PS1 close and hidden before my mom sold it after gambling her money away".

    The latter is my biggest regret.

    Anyway, I'm...managing somewhat...but goddamn do I feel like I wasted so much time. No more long-distance relationships for me. Hell, no more relationships for me PERIOD. Relationships can go suck a bag of donkey dongs.

    Plus I got work to look forward to before the year ends. Just need to hone what skills I do have in my repertoire before then and I'll be able to work my way towards my dreams! I'll be too busy enjoying what's left of my life to even worry about something so asinine as "romance".

    I'll reserve romance for my characters and whatever stories I create, thank you very much.